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Acro Teacher Training and Leadership Retreat

May 24 - June 1, 2024 (Sold Out)

Nov 10 - 17, 2024 (Applications Open)

This training is designed for teachers, aspiring teachers, and community leaders.

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Lux believes that ongoing education is crucial to all practitioners, even more so for teachers. Since 2012, he has been offering a training to teachers whose passion is gaining knowledge and increasing aptitude.

In addition to the physical practice, participants will study:
• Methods of communication & partnering
• How to evaluate, diagnose, and offer students the greatest change in their practice without overwhelming them
• Acro mechanics and the methods of communicating them
• Softer skills including conflict resolution, leadership, and community support

This training focuses on techniques that will serve your students long-term. This is the essence of teaching: serve your students. Come learn how to teach with greater efficacy.

As in the past, there will be required reading and discussion of ethics of teaching and personal conduct as a teacher and community leader. Participants will be required to adhere to a code of conduct and a commitment to foster a culture of safe and progressive learning.

Nov 10 - 17, 2024
Los Angeles Area • Lake Arrowhead, CA

Multiple large and cozy cabins on Lake Arrowhead.

Nov 10 - 17, 2024
Lake Arrowhead, Los Angeles Area
Price: $1,475

Includes tuition, meals, and accommodations.

May 24 - June 1, 2024 (Sold Out)
Los Angeles Area • Agua Dulce, CA

Agua Dulce.jpg

Luxury Accommodations in a spacious home. Pool and hot tub and all the fixing included. 

May 24 - June 1, 2024
Agua Dulce, Los Angeles Area
Price: $1,975

Includes tuition, meals, and accommodations.

Meet the Team

Arthur Davis III

Standing Acrobatics Instructor

Arthur Davis is a two-time world acrobatic champion, gymnastics Hall of Fame member, Cirque du Soleil Alumni, creator of the award winning AcroArmy for America’s Got Talent, and choreographer to multiple world champions. With over 20 years of competitive and professional acrobatic experience, Arthur’s passion is working with people to bring out their best selves in every aspect while teaching them acrobatic technique from the Russian tradition of Sports Acro in a way that is digestible and lasting. To him, connection through movement is a valuable art form and Acro is one of its highest expressions.

Jon and Michelle_edited.jpg
Jon Rea & Michelle Dawson

Icarian Instructors


Katrina Repman 2.jpg
Katrina Repman

Lux's Assistant/Manager

Katrina was coaxed into attending her first acro class in 2012 and fell in love at first flight. She is a yoga instructor whose gentle hatha and meditation videos have garnered millions of views. Katrina is the director of Empowered Acro and a founding member of her community’s nonprofit: the Austin Acro Advocates. Passionate about improving communication techniques on and off the mat, she is currently completing her Master's degree to become a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist.


In addition to providing her with abundant physical puzzles, Katrina sees acro as an avenue for bringing thoughtfulness into social dynamics. As a longtime fan of Lux’s approach to acro, she appreciates the insights he brings to the body mechanics, diagnostics, and social elements of the practice. She is delighted to be on the facilitation team, believing that these topics are essential for community leadership.

Alex Giordano


Alex has an extensive movement practice that consists of many different modalities such as partner acrobatics, rock climbing, slacklining, and mixed martial arts. He has a career in engineering and brings that methodical mindset to the rest of his life. Through these experiences Alex has put huge focus on safety, spotting, communication, and building skills progressively. As a coach, he seeks to find the right progression or words that will be the most influecial for the student. In that coaching he looks to refine the foundations to create ease in harder skills later on. Alex's love for the practice, communication, progressive teaching, and emphasis on safety will take you to new heights!

Diane Kemker

Chef & Craft Services Provider

Diane is our chef and craft services provider. She has also been doing acro for about 10 years (!), is a long-time student of Lux's, and is a part of the larger Swing City Burning Man camp, where she organized its first kitchen and food plan. She mostly practices at OMB, the beach in Santa Monica, and has been part of Lux's teacher training for several years.  She is an experienced cook and baker, who can accommodate any dietary preferences healthily and deliciously, and looks forward to contributing to Lux's teacher training by providing truly memorable food (and lots of it!).

Alex Mannos.HEIC
Alex Mannos


Grounded in the principle that “energy moves regardless of us,” Alex Mannos is dedicated to using yoga for the mindful movement of energy, creating a pathway for clearing away the stagnant and replacing it with dynamic energy for healing in the body and in the mind. 


Through reflection of her own life experiences, Alex has discovered the truth found in the simplicity of breathing deeper to create a space for healing. She believes that when we heal, we evolve. This philosophy is at the foundation of her practice and serves as a guide to her work. Alex maintains that we are on earth to connect with others and to grow through our awareness and reflection; she is here to share with others and create opportunities for these connections through her yoga practice. 


Finding my yoga practice connected me to a place within me that I hadn't realized I was disconnected from. It created the foundation for me to expand my awareness and take accountability for my healing, allowing me to work through emotional and physical trauma, as well as the every life stressors. I would love to share this gift with you and help you to discover how to live life from an authentic place. 

Continuing Education


Lux hosts a few homestay visits in Seattle each year.

To learn more, contact Lux

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